Bryan Carman

Business consultant, IT professional with a specialization in healthcare IT and blockchain development. Hire me on Fiverr,

Bryan Scott Carman
Business Intelligence Specialist, Blockchain Developer, Artist, Musician

IT Professional with 19+ years’ experience and expertise supporting all technology in the healthcare arena with a great understanding of executive level business technology needs

Worked extensively to hone skills related to programming and web application development

Ability to think ahead, anticipate and prioritize to mitigate technical issues before they arise

Demonstrated attention to detail through organization, documentation, and planning

Proven ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, independently and with minimal supervision

IT Management –

Strong lead technician responsible for planning and organizing IT project support staff

Designated first point-of-contact for all hospital administration IT needs

Experience leading others through various project stages related to hardware and software deployment 

Successfully organized and directed large teams through new construction expansion projects

Utilized ticket system to delegate, track, document and resolve IT issues within a corporate environment

Worked with outside teams to prepare, organize, and execute project plans effectively

Successfully managed contracted IT associates while provided guidance and feedback to leadership

Ability to research project requirements and implement hardware/software changes efficiently

Communicate with external vendors to procure any needed IT resources

Plan, organize and prioritizes special projects as needed

Web Development – 

Designed and implemented multiple web sites for various clients as well as for personal use

Strong knowledge of WordPress implementation and management including templates and plugins

Familiar with web marketing strategies and site monetization techniques needed to succeed

Very experienced using image editing software such as Photoshop

Experience editing, writing, designing and updating unique web content

Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and My SQL

Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms

Solid knowledge and expertise in programming applications

Blockchain Development –

Experience with Web3 development

Familiar with Solidity; smart contracts and decentralized application development

Understanding of blockchain technology concepts such as distributed ledger

I Embrace the idea of blockchain expertise as a service

Understanding of blockchain security concepts such as cryptographic hashing, private keys, and public keys

Strong understanding of multiple crypto currency coins and tokens

Familiar with EOS, NEO and Ethereum

Experience creating smart contracts within test environments; Ganache and Truffle suite