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Consensus Media Metaverse

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If we cannot start a unified movement, one where we can put aside differences, to determine exactly how we want the humanity evolve
then we enter state of being where we have no control over our own destiny as individuals.

We need to create a sense of power that embodies the people and empowers those who want to change the world

Public forum of ideals and values we cherish including what information we chose as valid for our own education.
What do we want for humanity?
What do we need for humanity?
What information do we value?

We can not have these things if we continue to depend/rely on money
Money generates the grounds for political ulterior motives

Chat rooms, forums and comment sections across the internet represent our most sacred form of conversation available

If we confine these issues to only those who care about them we will always be hampering the ability to effect change
Especially if we are competing with corporate media whos ultimate purpose is to serve private interest groups

No matter who you are you deserve a voice in the ideas we are exposed to and should be part of collective decisions being made
We have a collective responsibility to have an educated opinion on ideas we choose to discuss
If we can’t accomplish this nothing can change

Real democracy includes a public discourse where our ideas can be accurately represented and shared to help educate others
Idly hoping for change is the enemy of freedom and will always lead to a ruling class
Ruling classes will always inch toward authoritarianism and fascist ideals

We have enough momentum, collectively, to have an active forum which represents many differing but relevant opinions

Can we reach a goal of consensus on all subjects?
This is impossible under our current methods of information dispersion
Consensus in all subjects does not serve the people currently running things, behind the scenes

We do not have the time, money, or energy to protest every issue that effects society

We have proven the ability to educate ourselves through internet conversation and content creation
We are able to refine our opinions without the influence of corporate media which we are expected to believe
We will always be held back if we cannot present our opinions the way they deserve
If these opinions are forever relegated to forums and smaller platforms they can never be properly presented to effect change

The internet provides us the ability to implement these broadened communication pathways
This can be used to implement social reform through the spread of good, unfiltered, information
We require information channels outside of corporate media reach in order to represent individuals

How can we bring any relevant public discussion into the spotlight?

This system must include well known and unknown and new creators alike
A voting system can be implemented to determine content for screening of each type of content creator

Polls can be used to allow content viewing in a balanced capacity

Content election can be done through a form a petition where creators who meet voting thresholds can be slotted for public viewing
Major well known creators may require more votes for a particular time slot than a new creator for example

Television interviews can also be elected through similar voting petitions

Stream comments can also be upvoted and displayed on-screen if they reach a popularity threshold

Major news broadcasts could include elected content as part of the daily new routine
Deferring parties should also conduct these same petitions so all opinions can be represented publicly
Time should also be allotted for obscure opinions
This allows unknown and unpopular opinions to have representation
Limitations being any things society chooses to leave out or deem unhelpful

Celebrities could have sections where they can respond to topics society has determined relevant
Much like a late night host opening monologue

Major networks should be required to comment on content they found interesting or impactful

Cross network interaction is 100% necessary for this method
This promotes interactive conversations between the people, content creators and corporate media networks

This does not have to be limited to televised media networks
For example, elected bodies of officials can host live twitch chats where they present their arguments and respond to posed arguments

Search Engine Optimization can also be democratized

Create a standardized web page that displays all the best elected content, data and media for a particular topic

The most important factor in the success of this method is that these interactions cannot be profit driven
If they were democracy would eventually be subverted to favor the elites

The entire point of this method is to avoid democracy subversion in favor of an active democratic body of people

Do not expect that famous people are always going to make the best judgements
Require formatting that includes viewer participation and gives more power to those who wish to be heard

How can we accomplish this?
Reach out to creators to promote the idea similar to Joe Rogan’s approach to free media
We can organize concentrated strikes where we ask major creators to respond and make content promoting specific content
Organize timed events to get the attention of creators and corporate media

This one idea can make it infinitely easier to foster movements in the future in a way that does not require everyone promoting the idea to hold he same belief

Nothing will change without serious effort but we can make this happen

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