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Custom NFT Production for Starving Artists

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Let your art work for you.

Custom NFTs for artists from any image, audio clip or video clip  

By issuing limited edition NFT content you can benefit every time your art sells on the secondary market.


You and your band decide to record and release a new single, so you decide to hit the studio and lay down the tracks. Once your new recording is all finished and your ready to release it to the public you decide to make it available as a download online somewhere for a small fee. You expect people to download your track and possibly share it with their friends. There’s not much preventing someone from copying your new single and handing it over to all their friends and that’s ok. There’s nothing unique about those copies. They are just that, copies.

There is another way to make your music exclusive and collectible which should appeal to all your biggest fans. You can print up a limited quantity of CDs and release your single as a physical release and your fans will want to own a copy, no doubt. Take this idea one step further and consider releasing an NFT version of your single along with physical copies and digital downloads.

With an NFT release you can mint a limited number of copies of your new single that will exist on the blockchain forever. Sound a little confusing? Think of your NFT single much like a physical trading card that only it exists online. The number of copies you create and distribute is up to you. You can release your single as a NFT and only make 1 copy which would make it a super rare commodity with your fans or as many copies as you like. Can you imagine if there was one Beatles NFT in existence how badly people would want it?

A great example of NFT use can be seen at the website. NBA TopShot has created the first NFT collectible used in professional sports. Some of these TopShot moments are selling for astronomical amounts thanks to the scarcity created by these limited releases. There is no reason artists can’t use this same technology and some already have. The band Kings of Leon released an entire album as an NFT. They are the first band I remember embracing this new technology.

The best part is that you have complete control of your content as an NFT and you can profit when it sells on the secondary market. You can’t do that with a physical release. Imagine if you sold your Iron Maiden box set to your buddy for an agreed-on price which is about 5 times what you paid for it. Now imagine that the band still gets 10% of that sale to your friend who negotiated the price with you. Do you care that the band gets 10% of your cash? Hell no, you just sold your Iron Maiden box set for 5 times what you paid because its rare. You can do this with NFTs and blockchain technology.   Take advantage of this new technology and bring your content into the future. Let your art work for you.   

If your interested in creating NFTs from your art email me at to schedule your project or to ask questions.

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