Bryan Carman

Business consultant, IT professional with a specialization in healthcare IT and blockchain development. Hire me on Fiverr,


Midlands Blockchain Technologies

Columbia, South Carolina

Senior Blockchain Engineer

10/1/2021 – Present

Implement and maintain various cryptocurrency staking pools including (ADA) Cardano and (STRONG) StrongBlock node. Develop and implement smart contracts and publish to the Ethereum blockchain. Provide in-person cryptocurrency education to potential stake pool investors. Consult with senior management to continue bringing new and exciting ideas and opportunities to the company. Lead NFT development and implementation for the organization.

7999 Knue Road, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Site Support Analyst/Trainer
03/09/2020 – 07/02/2020

Support and train state employees using the Indiana eligibility determination service system (IEDSS). Conduct online virtual training classes for employees who were transitioning to IEDSS. Facilitate virtual classes ranging in size from 5 to 20 participants and up to 4 trainers. Quickly adapted to utilize tools such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom meetings, Microsoft Office, SharePoint and IEDSS documentation to facilitate 2 and 5-day training classes during the recent pandemic. Travel on-site to conduct and attend live training.

Franciscan Alliance Information Services 
1500 Albany Street
Beech Grove, IN. 46107
End user support analyst III
1-24-2011 to 5-11-2018

End User Support Analyst within hospital and clinical environments. Provide customer support for various hardware and software systems. Act as lead tech within a large group of contracted technicians.

8365 Keystone Crossing Suite 104 Indianapolis, IN 46240
Site support analyst contractor
8-15-2010 to 1-24-2011

IT Project and Supplemental Support. Contracted to work for Franciscan Alliance and hired after contract expiration.

Riggs community Health center
2316 South street Lafayette, IN 47904
Information technology manager
2009 to 4-2010

IT manager within a community health clinic environment. Responsible for all PCs, servers, network equipment, telecom equipment and AV devices. Worked with staff to retrieve and organize information for not for profit grant money.

BSC Enterprises 
2455 Dogwood ln

Lafayette, IN 47905
1-15-2010 to Present

Independent IT contracting and business consulting
Provide web-design, document creation, online point-of-sale configuration and administration, image manipulation and on-site technical services.

Caterpillar Logistics
1627 Veterans Memorial Pkwy E
Lafayette, IN 47905

Desktop Support Specialist
Apr 2007 – Sept 2008

Technical support specialist for six Caterpillar locations. Designed and administered multiple metrics databases for use within the corporation. Utilized Microsoft Access, Lotus, SQL, Visual Basic and Caterpillar proprietary mainframe software. Resolved print and Windows print server issues, laser, thermal and line printing. Completed Six Sigma Green Belt: DMAIC and DMEDI process improvement certification. Represented IT as project champion for multiple location expansions. Worked with vendors to support Printronix equipment.