Bryan Carman

Business consultant, IT professional with a specialization in healthcare IT and blockchain development. Hire me on Fiverr,


Ability to coordinate schedules with vendors which allows me to effectively meet deadlines. Clearly articulating and explaining all details is a must when dealing with third-party vendors.

My real-world experience allows me to effectively communicate as a business professional with administration while also hashing through details as a technical professional.

I find motivation is accomplishing difficult tasks for others and making a lasting contribution with any work that I do. I am eager to learn and I find the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. My desire for knowledge is a big motivator.

I have a proven track record in effectively managing teams in a corporate environment. This requires delegation to team members, contractors and sometimes customers. It is important to know when you can delegate tasks and empower others.

I try to add humor to my life each day. Humor is a big key for me to staying positive. Each situation should be handled with positive respect to everyone involved. Negativity is counter productive and only causes unnecessary wasted time. 

I am honest and reliable in every aspect of my life. My moral compass directs my personal and business ethics. I believe in accountability, credibility and reliability. If a person cannot be trusted in the workplace then they are no longer an asset but instead a liability.

The words analytical, observant and imaginative have been used by others to describe my work. I also enjoy problem solving and listening to others’ ideas. This gives me a chance to use my critical thinking skills to collect information and conceptualize ideas.

I am always open to feedback. I believe it builds confidence in myself and others when we can share and respond to feedback timely and efficiently. An effective teamwork environment is not possible without feedback.

My goal is to always be transparent with my actions as an individual. An individual should always accept responsibility for their actions and a manager should accept responsibility for their subordinates actions.

I have a passion and determination to succeed. I am willing to put in the time to make something special. Any task worth doing is worth doing right and you cannot accomplish this without commitment.

Able to effectively work as a team or solo to accomplish tasks. I worn many different hats and I have no problem stepping in for others when needed. It is important to be flexible, it helps me build knowledge and improve my worth.